For the sixth consecutive year, the inspectors of Gault&Millau explored Slovenia’s vibrant culinary scene, seeking out excellence and innovation. Yesterday, the stage was set to unveil the recipients of 4 and 3 toques, revealing a lineup of 30 exceptional winners for this year.

Gault&Millau Unveils 2024's Top Picks for Slovenia

In 2024, the highest number of points (18.5) was awarded to Hiša Franko, which received 4 toques for its exceptional cuisine. Joining Hiša Franko are 9 other outstanding restaurants, now proudly adorned with 4 toques each. Furthermore, the event celebrated the chefs, whose steadfast commitment to both Slovenian culinary tradition and innovative culinary creations significantly shapes the culinary landscape of Slovenia.

“The mission of Gault&Millau has been, since its very beginning half a century ago, to unveil culinary excellence,” remarked Mira Šemić, Director of Gault&Millau Slovenia, during the awards gala at Hotel Slon. She continued: “We constantly look ahead, embracing the future and venturing beyond the beaten path. Therefore, within every guide, you’ll discover new hidden treasures of Slovenia. These are the names that deserve to be honoured and recognized, as they contribute to a remarkably rich, high-quality, and creatively vibrant Slovenian culinary scene.” Expressing her delight, Šemić highlighted the exceptional chefs honoured this year, emphasizing their commitment to serving guests with passion every day: “These chefs uphold remarkably high standards, emphasizing quality and, above all, a profound love for local ingredients, drawing inspiration from nature and local traditions. Combining all these attributes results in culinary experiences so extraordinary that they deserve daily praise.”

MSc. Maja Pak Olaj, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, highlighted that despite its small size, Slovenia is strengthening its reputation as a gastronomic superpower: “Its success is firmly rooted in a sustainable approach, which is also reflected in the Slovenia Green Cuisine label. As Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, I am extremely proud that we are working with Gault&Millau to raise the visibility of our gastronomy on a global scale. Together, we are spreading the word about the achievements that reflect the richness of our culinary heritage and the innovation of our chefs. Congratulations to all those whose work and commitment to excellence make a significant contribution to promoting Slovenia as a destination for world-class gastronomy.”

STB’s Director, MSc. Maja Pak Olaj, presented the Chef of the Future award to Ago Špacapan (Špacapanova Hiša) at the G&M gala.

This year’s special award winners stand out for their deep passion for their craft, genuine appreciation for authentic local ingredients and dishes, and tireless efforts in shaping the flavours of tomorrow. These Special Awards recognize recipients from various regions across the country. For the first time, the Best Pastry Chef Award was awarded to two outstanding creators.

Gault&Millau Slovenia inspectors undertake unannounced and anonymous visits to restaurants across Slovenia throughout the year. They conduct a comprehensive evaluation, from the moment they arrive at the door to the final farewell, assessing the food, wine, aesthetic and service experiences, along with the atmosphere and management. Restaurants are awarded a maximum of 20 points, with a threshold of 11 points for awarding the caps. Even earning just one cap is a significant recognition for a restaurant. “While we haven’t yet awarded five toques in Slovenia, the increasing accumulation of points each year and restaurants’ continuous improvement lead me to believe that this milestone is within reach,” adds Mira Šemić.

Gault&Millau Slovenia 2024 Winners

Special awards:

Chef of the Year: David Žefran, Milka Restaurant, Kranjska Gora

Chef of the Future: Ago Špacapan, Špacapanova hiša, Komen

Chef of Tradition: Simo Komel, Bistro Grad Štanjel, Štanjel

Young Chef: Rok Smonkar, Gjerkeš Estate, Fikšinci

Best Pastry Chef: Saša Mišič and Matevž Kmet, Restaurant Cubo, Ljubljana

Best POP: Baščaršija Ethno House, Maribor

Best Sommelier/ Waiter: Andrej Kurež, Marina Hotel Restaurant, Izola

Best Restaurants:

4 toques:

  • Hiša Franko, Staro selo near Kobarid, 18,5/20
  • Gostilna Pri Lojzetu, Zemono Manor, Vipava, 17,5/20
  • Grič, Šentjošt nad Horjulom, 17,5/20
  • Hiša Denk, Zgornja Kungota, 17,5/20
  • Ošterija Debeluh, Brežice, 17,5/20
  • Milka Restaurant, Kranjska Gora, 17,5/20
  • Strelec Restaurant, Ljubljana, 17,5/20
  • Mak Restaurant, Maribor, 17/20
  • Pavus Restaurant, Grad Tabor Laško, 17/20
  • JB Restaurant, Ljubljana, 17/20

3 toques:

  • DAM Restaurant, Nova Gorica, 16,5/20
  • Galerija okusov, Novo Celje, 16,5/20
  • Gostilna Mahorčič, Rodik, 16,5/20
  • Gostilna Repovž, Šentjanž, 16,5/20
  • COB Restaurant, Portorož, 16/20
  • Špacapanova hiša, Komen, 16/20
  • Bistro Grad Štanjel, Štanjel, 15,5/20
  • Danilo – gostilna in vinoteka, Reteče, 15,5/20
  • Gostilna Krištof, Predoslje, 15,5/20
  • Gostilna Rajh, Murska Sobota, 15,5/20
  • Hiša Fink, Novo mesto, 15,5/20
  • Hiša Linhart, Radovljica, 15,5/20
  • Majerija, Slap, 15,5/20
  • Calypso Restaurant, Nova Gorica, 15,5/20
  • Cubo Restaurant, Ljubljana, 15,5/20
  • Harfa Restaurant, Ljubljana, 15,5/20
  • Mangrt Restaurant, Log pod Mangartom, 15,5/20
  • Rizibizi Restaurant, Portorož, 15,5/20
  • Bistro Štorja, Postojna, 15/20
  • Gostilna As, Ljubljana, 15/20
  • Gostilna Jež, Jagnjenica, 15/20
  • Gostilna Rakar, Gorenje Ponikve, 15/20
  • Gostilna Vovko, Ratež, 15/20
  • Hiša Krasna, Lokev, 15/20
  • Miza za štiri, Zgornja Polskava, 15/20
  • Pen Klub restavracija, Ljubljana, 15/20
  • Dveri-Pax Restaurant, Jarenina, 15/20
  • Marina Hotel Restaurant, Izola , 15/20
  • Spargus Restaurant, Špitalič pri Slovenskih Konjicah, 15/20
  • Sophia Restaurant, Portorož, 15/20

The full list of the restaurants featured in the 2024 edition of the G&M guide will be announced at the end of the month, when the printed edition wil be published. Soon, also the Taste Slovenia website will be updated with the latest results.